President of the Foundation

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Peter Gurtner, Switzerland

President of the Prize Committee

Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Sturzenegger, Switzerland


Parkinson Schweiz
Gewerbestrasse 12a
Postfach 123
CH-8132 Egg, Switzerland

T +41 43 277 20 77
F +41 43 277 20 78



Latest News

The next Award most probably will be presented for the eighth time in 2021.


Submission for the next Award:
to be defined.

Award Winners

2018 Award
Prof. Paul Krack

2015 Award
Prof. Heiko Braak

2012 Award
Prof. Lorenz Studer

2008 Award
Prof. John Hardy
Prof. Andrew B. Singleton

2005 Award
Prof. Stanley Fahn
Prof. Zbigniew K.Wszolek

2002 Award
Prof. José A. Obeso

1999 Award
Prof. Anthony H.V. Schapira
Prof. Pierre Pollak