Conditions for Submission


Papers presenting significant results or findings in all areas of research in the field of Parkinson's disease (e.g. Basic Sciences, Epidemiology, Treatment) are taken into consideration.


Completed work of researchers or research teams from all over the world are considered. Researchers from universities, as well as commercial research teams may be candidates for the award.

The work submitted must have been published or accepted for publication in an international scientific journal of excellent reputation within the 18 months preceding the submission deadline. The paper must be written in English and submitted electronically only as a PDF file. It must not have been submitted or considered for another award, and this must be confirmed in the coverletter.

A single person or a research team may be the award-winner. In the latter case, the first author of the submitted paper or a person of the research team unanimously defined and confirmed in the cover letter will receive the award.

The winner will have to present his/her results in a speech at the award ceremony in Switzerland.


The application should include the following documents (all in electronic form):

  • Curriculum vitae and list of publications of all the authors of the submitted paper

  • Cover letter including:

    • Address for correspondence including telephone, fax and e-mail
    • Declaration regarding already received financial support or awards for the work/paper submitted
    • Confirmation that the paper has not been submitted for and is not considered for another award
    • Declaration of the award recipient

  • Complete Manuscript as a PDF file. Indicate the publication site.

Submission of manuscripts and further information

Secretariat of the Prize Committee
Parkinson Schweiz
Gewerbestrasse 12a
Postfach 123
CH-8132 Egg, Switzerland

T +41 43 277 20 77
F +41 43 277 20 78

Latest News

There will be no Award presentation in 2021. 

The next Award will be presented in autumn 2023.

The deadline for submission for the applicants will be May 31st, 2023.


Submission for the 2023 Award: May 31st, 2023.

Award Winners

2018 Award
Prof. Paul Krack

2015 Award
Prof. Heiko Braak

2012 Award
Prof. Lorenz Studer

2008 Award
Prof. John Hardy
Prof. Andrew B. Singleton

2005 Award
Prof. Stanley Fahn
Prof. Zbigniew K.Wszolek

2002 Award
Prof. José A. Obeso

1999 Award
Prof. Anthony H.V. Schapira
Prof. Pierre Pollak